The world is facing several rapid social, economic, cultural, and technological transformations, and we are not f ar from these transformations, taking into account the goals of society, achieving sustainable development, and promoting Bahrain’s vision 2030.

Universities, especially the Gulf University, are currently working on developing their educational programs and research projects to serve society and sustainable development, and the Gulf University is keen to establish community partnerships and place them within its plans, programs, strategies, and priorities, in order to optimally serve the community in line with the United Nations vision and the Kingdom of Bahrain 2030 vision for sustainable development.

This first edition-2022 of the IDE International conference is to examine the latest innovations and trends in engineering and technology, implemented towards major changes in state of the sustainable architectural and interior design environments. Themes for the conference have revolved around the conceptual and technical “interconnections” between, sustainable-development thinking, Design processes, building technologies and engineering trends, innovation and education “territories” transformation towards resilient architectural and interior design environments, considering social, cultural and behavioral systems.

The community engagement & continuous learning center, in cooperation with the sustainability & development makers center at Gulf University, are organizing: “The first regional forum on sustainability and community service: Models and Comparative Experiences” that looks into issues concerning community services and sustainability in the light of the rapidly changing developments in all fields. Including issues concerning society, enabling the youth, and sustainable development in all sectors. All in line with Bahrain’s 2030 vision. Gulf University aims to demonstrate the university’s successful experience in community engagement and sustainability as well as sharing the experience of other universities and private and public centers to showcase the challenges and the obstacles facing the community services sector in the Arab world and the Gulf region specifically.

Forum Vision

The Community Engagement & Continuous Learning Center, in cooperation with the Sustainability & Development Makers Center at Gulf University are seeking looking to launch the “The first regional forum on sustainability and community service: Models and Comparative Experiences” as a scientific platform for the researchers and experts in community services and sustainability and highlighted most important topics and discuss the latest developments and share their experience and its impact on the community service sector.


  1. To identify the role of the community engagement & continuous learning center and the sustainability center in universities and its role in community service and supporting sustainability.
  2. To encourage conducting studies and scientific research on community service and sustainability within the Bahrain 2030 vision.
  3. To share the experiences from universities, public and private organizations in the community service field in the Arab and Gulf regions.
  4. To contribute to establishing the general frameworks that help in solving the social issues, and to reach the local and regional community in a fast and productive manner.
  5. To deal with youth issues and empower women and special needs individuals.
  6. To activate the role of universities and service centers towards solving social issues.

Scope & Sub-Themes

The forum discusses the community service and sustainability services on a regional and national scale through experts, specialists, centers, and collages responsible for community service and concerned individuals from several universities and governmental and private organizations, and to exchange expertise and share good case practices and the most prominent social and sustainability issues and the needs of the region in terms of services, employment and future jobs that will renew due to the economical, social and technological transformations in this day and age through 4 points:

  • Community service and social responsibility for universities and specialized centers.
  • Sustainability and community service through Bahrain’s and the UN’s 2030 visions.
  • Empowering women, youth, and special needs.
  • The obstacles and challenges that face the community and sustainability.

Target Audience

  • Governmental and private institutions
  • Centers of community engagement & continuous learning and Sustainability
  • Civil societies and community-based organization
  • Local, regional, and international organizations and research centers interested in sustainability and community service

How Can I Participate?

Abstract submissions for the forum are open to all universities, community services, and sustainability centers, and public and private companies shall be sent to the chair of the organizing committee, Dr. Baligh Beshr The deadline of receiving papers, presentation, a copy of the national card, passport, and a personal photo, June 30, 2021.

Contact Us

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